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#3247 - 2021-07-28 - Maintenance
Link BAS1 - FRA2
#3267 - 2021-07-27 - Outage
Link BAS1 - FRA2
#3264 - 2021-07-27 - Outage
Link BAS1 - FRA2
#3262 - 2021-07-27 - Outage
Link FRA1 - NYK1
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Link FRA2 - HAM1
#3253 - 2021-07-23 - Maintenance
Softwareupgrade Core-Router nbg60
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Softwareupgrade Core-Router muc10
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Softwareupgrade Core-Router lon10
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Hardwareupgrade Core-Router cop10
#3254 - 2021-07-21 - Maintenance
Link FRA3 - PAR1
#3260 - 2021-07-21 - Maintenance
Link MAD1 - ZUR1
Link FRA1 - NYK1
Type Timeframe Case-ID
Outage 2021-07-27 02:00 UTC +02:00 - 3262
Aktuell kommt es zu Störungen auf den folgenden Links:

Frankfurt1 - NewYork1

Es wurde bereits ein Ticket beim Leitungsanbieter eröffnet.

Aufgrund des redundanten Netzaufbaus kommt es zu keinen Ausfällen.

Eine genaue Dauer des Problems ist noch nicht bekannt.


We are currently seeing an Outage on the following Links:

Frankfurt1 - NewYork1

A ticket with the third-party supplier has already been opened.

Due to the redundant network structure, there is no outage.

An ETR is not available yet.
Update 2021-07-27 04:32 UTC +02:00
The provider has identified a service impact in South Brent, UK impacting
Transport unprotected services.
Update 2021-07-27 07:06 UTC +02:00
The estimated time of arrival of 6:30 GMT for the testing crew and 8:00 GMT for the
Outside Plant Team remains. Please be advised the next update will be provided when crews
arrive at the site or if new information becomes available.
Update 2021-07-27 09:26 UTC +02:00
Testing crews have arrived at both sites and testing efforts have commenced.
Update 2021-07-27 10:27 UTC +02:00
Testing efforts have isolated the approximate fault location. Repair crews are en route to further isolate the fault.
Update 2021-07-27 11:19 UTC +02:00
The European NOC is working to obtain an estimated time of arrival for repair crews.
Update 2021-07-27 14:40 UTC +02:00
The European NOC continues efforts to obtain an estimated time of arrival for repair crews.
Update 2021-07-27 15:33 UTC +02:00
The damage has been identified however due to the location near railroad tracks access is unable to be granted. Work is underway to engage line blocks to ensure safety to repair crews.
Update 2021-07-27 16:12 UTC +02:00
Field Operations have been granted access to the fault site and are currently accessing the fiber damage.
Update 2021-07-27 16:47 UTC +02:00
The European NOC reports that Field Operations continue to access the damage area and are verifying if the fiber has been cut in multiple locations
Update 2021-07-27 17:11 UTC +02:00
The European NOC reports the onsite repair team is working on fiber restoration efforts in
short intervals due to railway right of way and the limited access to the damage area.