Link FRA1 - SIN1 **Updated**




19.04.2024 18:08 UTC - ongoing
19.04.2024 20:08 CEST - ongoing




Aktuell kommt es zu Störungen auf den folgenden Links:

Frankfurt1 (Interxion FRA2) - Singapur1 (Equinix SG1)

Es wurde bereits ein Ticket beim Leitungsanbieter eröffnet.

Aufgrund des redundanten Netzaufbaus kommt es zu keinen Ausfällen.

Eine genaue Dauer des Problems ist noch nicht bekannt.

Sollten Sie Fragen haben, kontaktieren Sie unser Operations Center unter


We are currently seeing an Outage on the following Links:

Frankfurt1 (Interxion FRA2) - Singapore1 (Equinix SG1)

A ticket with the third-party supplier has already been opened.

Due to the redundant network structure, there is no outage.

An ETR is not available yet.

If you have any questions, please contact our operations center at
Update 28.05.2024 13:35 UTC/28.05.2024 15:35 CEST
Cable ship will reach cable ground on 30 May at 11:15 UTC
We will start electroding to establish cable line and fault localization on 30 May at 17:15 UTC
ETR on 4 June 2024
Update 25.05.2024 08:48 UTC/25.05.2024 10:48 CEST
Cable Repair will start on 27 May and finish on 1 June, depending on Importation Permit (New Indonesia Policy) for cables and related spares (NEW ETR 1 June 2024)
Update 16.05.2024 06:43 UTC/16.05.2024 08:43 CEST
Repair on cable will start on 27 May and finish on 1 June, depending on Importation Permit (New Indonesia Policy) for cables and related spares.
Update 23.04.2024 15:47 UTC/23.04.2024 17:47 CEST
We have gotten from Cable Ship AE the draft SMW5 S1.5.1 repair operation 1 POW.
Repair will be from 23May24 till 30May24 tentative, conditional upon permit approval and cable ship availability.
Update 22.04.2024 10:45 UTC/22.04.2024 12:45 CEST
Cableship is mobilised which is in Indonesian waters.

As the repair permit for Indonesian waters take about 4 weeks, repair expected to start around 3rd or 4th week May 2024.
Update 20.04.2024 06:45 UTC/20.04.2024 08:45 CEST
According to integrated tool measurement in Tuas CLS (RFTE) the estimated fault point from
Tuas CLS is 465.6Km, after submarine amplifier S1.5.1R03 and before S1.5.1R04.

Further updates and plan to be shared soon as available.
Update 19.04.2024 20:54 UTC/19.04.2024 22:54 CEST
All traffic passing through SMW5 Seg. 1.5.1 (BU MEDAN CENTRUM - BU DUMAI) is down since
19th of April 2024 at 18:01 UTC according to last measurements between submarine Repeaters
R3 and R4 .

Involved SMW5 O&M Staff, further updates to follow soon as available