Link FRA3 - MUC2 **Updated**




23.05.2024 07:15 UTC - 24.05.2024 19:26 UTC
23.05.2024 09:15 CEST - 24.05.2024 21:26 CEST




Aktuell kommt es zu Störungen auf den folgenden Links:

Frankfurt3 (Equinix FR5) - München2 (Equinix MU1)

Es wurde bereits ein Ticket beim Leitungsanbieter eröffnet.

Aufgrund des redundanten Netzaufbaus kommt es zu keinen Ausfällen.

Eine genaue Dauer des Problems ist noch nicht bekannt.

Sollten Sie Fragen haben, kontaktieren Sie unser Operations Center unter


We are currently seeing an Outage on the following Links:

Frankfurt3 (Equinix FR5) - Munich2 (Equinix MU1)

A ticket with the third-party supplier has already been opened.

Due to the redundant network structure, there is no outage.

An ETR is not available yet.

If you have any questions, please contact our operations center at
Update 24.05.2024 19:26 UTC/24.05.2024 21:26 CEST
Das Problem wurde behoben.


The problem has been solved.
Update 24.05.2024 17:39 UTC/24.05.2024 19:39 CEST
The cable has arrived onsite. The splice team is preparing at this time and will commence splicing within the hour. No ETR yes, however we are pushing for this info.
Update 24.05.2024 14:57 UTC/24.05.2024 16:57 CEST
Please be advised that the ETA for the splicing team to site is 2pm UTC, approximately. The team which will bring the cable will be on site at 3pm UTC at which point work will commence on restoration.
Update 24.05.2024 06:40 UTC/24.05.2024 08:40 CEST
Technicians on site have found 2 fault locations where the cables are damaged. Both fault locations are 200m apart from each other. The multiple damaged areas make it impossible to repair with just 100m of cable. ETA: 7-8 GMT time.
Update 23.05.2024 21:34 UTC/23.05.2024 23:34 CEST
Both teams are working together in order to restore the link as soon as possible. Also, taking all precautions to ensure the activity does not possess any health hazards. No ETR available yet.
Update 23.05.2024 19:36 UTC/23.05.2024 21:36 CEST
Please be advised that excavation work was done to access our cable. A high voltage (20kV) cable has been founde close to our DF. At this time, excavation has to be paused due to health and safety risks. The local power company will need to assess the site and verify the electrical cable path. The local electrical provider engineer is already on the way to site to meet with the field team at the fault location. No ETR available yet.
Update 23.05.2024 17:27 UTC/23.05.2024 19:27 CEST
The team is still measuring from adjacent sleeves. There appears to be some civil engineering in the local area but exact point of damage is not obvious yet. Investigations continue. No ETR at this stage.
Update 23.05.2024 16:17 UTC/23.05.2024 18:17 CEST
Further tests from adjacent chambers to narrow down location before digging are done. As such, no ETR available until located and assessed.
Update 23.05.2024 14:16 UTC/23.05.2024 16:16 CEST
Field team is on route to break location to pinpoint location/ cause.
Update 23.05.2024 12:36 UTC/23.05.2024 14:36 CEST
Optical FE teams are on site at both POP sites and are beginning OTDR testing to locate damage site.
Update 23.05.2024 07:52 UTC/23.05.2024 09:52 CEST
There is a fibercut on the link. No ETR yet.